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The Dreams in Gary's Basement Buy Bundle (1 video) The Dreams in Gary's Basement

"Gary Gygax was a high school dropout who cobbled shoes in the basement of his Midwestern home. His family of seven was on food stamps and barely making ends meet when he created a phenomenon that took the world by storm." (84min•1080p HD)


Dungeons & Dragons captured the imaginations of millions, and its cultural influence cannot be overstated. But in bringing it to the world, Gary faced lawsuits, death threats, accusations of satanism, and betrayal by his own company's inner circle.

See Gary's epic story as he rises from poverty to unbelievable wealth, and ultimately must fight to keep the kingdom that his creativity built.

*Though it contains a single movie, packaging this item as a "bundle" allows us to add bonus footage at a later date at no cost to you.

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USD $19.99